Stopping and relaxing

So after being up for 19 hours yesterday, I find myself in my happy spot this morning. Sitting outside having the best cup of coffee.


The next few posts will be devoted to our travel in Maui. Enjoy and please forgive the pics as I am experimenting and doing this all via phone.

The morning started early. And I mean early a 5:30 wake up from a little one who wanted to go swimming. So I took the opportunity to wait an hour for Maui Grown coffee to open to go get coffee for the week. This is an amazing place for local maui grown, hence the name, coffee.




Cows and Carousels

In my quest to get out and live more this year we went to Tilden Park for a weekend adventure. It has a great classic carousel and a small farm for the kids. I learned a few key pieces of information on this trip.

1. My husband, although living here most of his life, does not know how to dress “weather appropriate”.

2. I was raised in close proximity to bovine…….My family was decidedly not.

The carousel is a great vintage ride with interesting animals to choose from. I mean who doesn’t want to ride a giant chicken while racing a frog, while being chased by a lion.DSC_2374 DSC_2376

The ride went surprisingly fast, slowly gaining speed over a 3 minute ride.The un-pictured flower-pot shaped car that my daughter talked my husband into getting into on the last ride, went a little too fast for a little too long for him. My daughter was of course unphased. Ah youth.DSC_2388 DSC_2390 DSC_2391 DSC_2392We then made our way to the little farm. Here is a place where parents can bring their kids and Trader Joes celery and lettuce to feed the “barnyard animals”. Like you do on a real farm.


The appropriately placed nondescript piece of farm equipment. So rustic.DSC_2404

Of course there were goats. Which we had to stop and see. I love those crazy eyes.DSC_2405 DSC_2406

This is when we learned the difference between my husband and myself, aside from the “aren’t sheep and goats the same type of animal” comment earlier in the trip. He was apparently blissfully unaware that a cow’s tongue was “that” long and “that” strong. I of course thought to myself “Of course they are”.

I am not saying that these are critical life lessons to have but they came in handy for me this time. DSC_2411All in all a great trip and some value bovine skills for my husband and daughter to learn. City folk.

Goats and Llamas – our adventure

I am a terrible blogger.

I will admit it.

I started the blog with the high hopes that I would start with once or twice a week and would work up to the greatness of a daily blog. It would be epic. I would win awards and write books.

So that did not happen. Let’s just be honest.

My life got in the way.

Family. Job. Birthday Parties. Play dates. More Birthday Parties. The list goes on and on.

Here is my attempt to get back to the blog.

Over the 4th of the July weekend we went to Harley Farms in Pescadero, CA. It has everything goats, guard llamas and best of all Goat Cheese. We opted not to go on the tour but it is a lovely property to walk.

The sign seems to imply that they might sell goats but sadly no. To my daughter’s delight there were free samples though. She did manage to talk us into buying more goat cheese than one might typically buy in a day but it was amazing.DSC_2278 DSC_2279 DSC_2283 The eyes are the best.DSC_2284 DSC_2287 DSC_2292 DSC_2295 DSC_2300_2DSC_2304 Now if the goats and the cheese didn’t sell you then let me say there are Guard Llamas. Yes you heard me right GUARD LLAMAS. DSC_2305

The farm is close to the beach so we stopped for some much-needed sand castle building.DSC_2314

Just a nice shot of an artichoke. DSC_2319

Getting out there

Disclaimer: This post is a self gradulatory vignette. I was so proud that I was actually working on a resolution I had to post this.

I am so guilty of spending my weekends doing life maintenance stuff, going to Target, the grocery store.

So this is the year we are going on adventures, to remind ourselves of all the amazing things there are to see in this world.

Here are a few pictures from our first ‘Adventure Day”!
DSC_0036 DSC_0023 DSC_0046 DSC_0053 DSC_0058 DSC_0061 DSC_0075

Times Flies

We just celebrated my daughter’s birthday and I am again in reminiscing mode. Just yesterday I was holding her in my arms and today, today she went on her first field trip. Let me say that so the people who did not hear her at 4, 5, or 6 this morning.

“We are going on a FIELD TRIP.”

An actual on the ‘big kid’ bus field trip.

To be honest I can’t say I was not equally excited. As a child you rejoiced in field trip day. A specially packed lunch, permission slips and a day to do something extraordinary. Let me tell you it is just as amazing to watch the excitement in her eyes. I was so happy to share that with her and be reminded that we still have a million first things to do still.

I say banner day at the pumpkin patch was had by all.


Change is sometimes hard.

It is not easy to step out of your comfort zone and walk into the unknown. To really put yourself out there.

Self admittedly, I am not a huge fan of big changes. I like schedules and knowing what I am up against. Recently, I took a leap. Thing have been chaotic. We have eaten out every night for a week. The house is disorganized. And I love it.

The last few weeks reminded me that my comfort zone is a nice place but living on the outside of it is even better.

Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July to everyone. We decided to celebrate the day with some traditional things.

We went to a parade.

We are lucky enough to live in a town that has a great parade every year. It is a highly anticipated event, one of the social events of the seasons. You can set your chairs out the night before the parade. Yes, I said we all go to downtown and leave our lawn chairs out overnight and they are still there in the morning. The setting out of the chairs is even a tailgated event.

We were lucky enough this year, in large part to some wonderful friends, to score a coveted spot in the shade.

Begin the Rockwellian experience.

My daughter’s favorite part, the marching bands.

We went swimming.

We had a BBQ.

We did hot dogs, corn and macaroni salad. Your basic BBQ. Nothing fancy here today.

Then outside with the neighbors to do SMORE’S! The kids excitement was palpable. They all ended up as a giant sticky mess. Smore’s make everyone happy.

It was an amazing day.

So thank you to everyone who has served this great nation. Your service is never forgotten.

Happy Mother’s Day

I self admittedly have not been a fan of Mother’s Day in the past. It seemed to be a holiday designed to point out the fact that my mother was gone. That changed the year I had my daughter. I had become that thing to celebrate.

As we will celebrate mothers day this week I find myself reflecting on all the things that it means to be a mother.  As mothers we all have an unspoken set of ‘agreements’ with our kids. And as I see other mothers interact with their children I am reminded that everyone’s agreement is different. I consented to the following:

1. To try to listen with the intensity of a 1000 suns to every story she tells, every   song she sings and every question she asks.

2. To know how to magically fix anything that is broken.

3. To rarely go to the bathroom by myself.

4. To always share what I ordered, because sharing is nice.

5. To melt when she flashes that one smile my way.

6. To sing the same song every night before she goes to bed. “Really Copacabana again?”

7. To smile even though we are reading some of the most poorly written and        paced literature the world has ever seen.

I signed up for all these without knowing and with an open heart. I know there are more stipulations that will be added to the agreement over time.  And I am sure they will get harder but I look forward to them. This is part of the job. Being a mother is the most rewarding job in the world. It is also the most tiring. It taught me what really using your 24 hours was about. 

So here is to my mom and the unspoken list she had for me. Thank you for everything.

I miss you every day.

Window Boxes – Project Three

It was the first real warm day last weekend so the whole family took advantage of the sun to complete the first outdoor projects of the year.

My husband revived his quest for the world’s best bubble machine, much to my daughter’s delight.

My daughter’s project was to make these seeds sprout flowers overnight. Much to her disappointment I did not buy the ‘magic’ grow overnight type of flowers she had hoped for. This is a project about patience.

And my first project, replanting the window boxes. I have a front porch that gets direct sunlight for most of the day, which means more than once a season I have to replace the flowers. So after trying every type of flower, special soil and fertilizer.

I am trying something new this year.


I took a trip to the local garden store and bought:


Window boxes (with good drainage)

A few different styles of succulents

The planters look great and are thriving.

Cross another project off the list.