The Yard Again

So as the lack of a follow-up post to The Before and After – Yard should signal I did not finish, or even get close to completing the project. Our lack of planning crept through the summer and eventually we gave up putting it off for another year.  This year would be different. So with the help of some very talented friends and family, yes one happens to be a Master Gardner, and the fact that I finally acquiesced that I may not be able to install a sprinkler system myself, we have made progress.

I found myself not realizing the details in the planning of a yard, where would we like all the hose bibs to go, which way the garden beds should be placed to maximize the sun, did we need electrical run to any part of the yard, stepping stone, how mush border did we want along the fence and house and so forth and so on. It was all things I never considered, my yard growing up was a huge rectangle with a garden along the back and some fruit trees we planted. I don’t recall there being sketches or a discussion of the drip system for the plants, so I was taken back by my lack of planning for this endeavor.

While we have made some quick decisions and are still making some I think it is coming along nicely.



This is the yard when we purchased the home. The Astroturf was put there as a selling feature, its true purpose was to keep all the weeds as bay. We have since removed the deck off the house, taken out a few of the fruit trees, and replaced the patio. DSC_0391

The back corner of the yard


Step one was removing the weeds.

More weeds to remove. It was amazing just having a uniform yard, even if it was just dirt, made it seem so much bigger. DSC_0047_2

We marked the start of the garden beds.

On the side yard, by the garden, we decided on bark. I will pause here so everyone can appreciate the bark. The bark conversation, all on my husband’s side, was an epic conversation so I want to make sure it gets the appreciation it deserves. DSC_0053_2


The sod has gone down and we are hopeful it makes it. Next steps garden and planting!


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