Thank You to our Elf for all her hard work

I never intended to get an Elf. Truthfully it seemed a bit odd. However, last year my darling sister had her elf, Buddy, send one to my daughter.

And so began the Elf’s job.

I never realized how much work the Elf, Diamond, would have to do. Thinking of creative things to do every night. Locking herself into an escalating game of one upping herself every night. She, I can only assume, spent a sizable amount of time looking at Pinterest to get inspiration and discussing with other Elves what they are doing that night.

And much to my surprise I found myself making Diamond clothes last year. Yes, I made clothes for the Elf. My daughter demanded that she was a girl and needed to be beautiful and I caved. So I made a skirt and decorated it. Diamond happily modeled it in the mirror that night and left a thank you note.

So thank you to my Elf and all the other Elf’s for the last minute moves and trying to be creative every night. The excitement I see every morning as we look through the house for you is the best feeling.IMG_1608 IMG_1611IMG_1615 IMG_1613We have a few more weeks of Diamond’s adventures. I can’t wait to see what she does next.

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