Adventure for Two

So with the thrill of our last adventure less than a week behind us I planned something new for us.

An Adventure for Two.

Yes, that is right we went out sans our precious little one. I am reminded of how witty my husband can be.

We started at a favorite local brewery.


There was severe disappointment on the trip when the hand fan museum was unexpectedly closed.

DSC_1902So we consoled ourselves with some wine tasting. It was beautiful and the winery was amazing. 
We toured a little town. It was super cute and had this amazing bridge.

There was amazing food. A great local farm to table restaurant.

IMG_1040 IMG_1039

And the amazing hotel we stayed at actually brought breakfast to the room in the morning. Can’t tell you how nice that was. It was worth the trip just for the breakfast.DSC_1943A quick trip to the beach. And yes that does look EXACTLY like the scene from Goonies. And yes we did do a little piece of the movie.



I took this picture for my daughter with her Lego mini fig. Let me tell you this seagull was about two seconds away from actually eating this mermaid. It screamed at me as a grabbed it and ran back to the car with my husband laughing at me.DSC_1958

This picture is just to document the moment right before my husband tried to back us over a cliff to read a historical marker. FYI it was not a historical marker but rather a sign warning of the amount of cougars in the area. So my death would have been in vain.


3 thoughts on “Adventure for Two

  1. I so enjoy reading these posts as I can hear your voice in my head (no, not crazy) and miss hearing these stories in person. Hope everyone is well!

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